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"100% Sustainable Seafood for Washington DC's Best Restaurants"

The only DC area company that provides only sustainable seafood.

We are a 9 year old wholesale distributor providing top quality fish and shellfish to chefs of many of the most discriminating restaurants in the nation's capital area (see list below) and the only one owned by a professional fisheries biologist. 

Generally, we buy directly from fishermen so we know where it came from, how it was caught and exactly how it got here each step of the way.  We usually fly it in overnight, assuring our customers that it's not only the best but also the freshest available anywhere.  We seek out and support only those fisheries that are sustainably managed and whose populations are healthy as well as seafood items we know to be free of dangerous contaminants, and we encourage our chefs to do the same. Why just "sustainable" seafood?  Because 90% of the biomass of the largest and most valuable fish species found throughout the world's oceans (tunas, swordfish, marlin, sharks, halibut, codfish, etc.) has been lost due to overfishing in just the last 50 years.  So, what we choose to buy can make a big difference.

We provide routine, year-round deliveries Mondays thru Saturdays, generally of whole fresh fish and shellfish primarily from Alaska, California, New England, the US East Coast, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.  For our primary items, see the links near the bottom of this page.  



Our products have been or are being served at more than 70 well known restaurants including many of the "Washingtonian's Top 100." 

 Range   Capella   Fiola     Tosca     Marcel's    Galileo    Cashion's    Citronelle    Bourbon Steak     2941    Blue Duck Tavern     Nora    CityZen    Sou'Wester    Occidental    Willard    PJ Clarke's    Hook    Daikaya    Rasika   Rasika West End   Cafe Milano   Prime Rib   Ritz-Carlton - Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert    Ritz-Carlton - Fyve    Plume    Corduroy     Zaytinya     Proof    Estadio   Doi Moi   Poste    Cafe Atlantico   Fujimar    DC Coast    Equinox    Bistrot du Coin   701   D'Acqua   Azur   Zengo    PS7    Beck's    Johnny's Half Shell    Boundary Road   Red Hen  Lavagna    Beuchert's Saloon    Hanoi House   Vinoteca    TenPenh   Oval Room   Bombay Club   Firefly    Urbana    Eola   Mintwood    Boqueria    Tuscana West   Piccolo   Pesce   Graffiato   Kaz Sushi Bistro    Masa 14     Ris     Circle Bistro    Notti Bianche    1789    Vermilion    Eventide    Tallula    Lyon Hall    Dino    Ripple    Ardeo    Al Dente   Evening Star Cafe    Morrison House   Jackson 20    Columbia Firehouse   Rustico   Assaggi    Assaggi Osteria   Bistro Vivant    Redwood    Newton's Table     Saint Ex    Bar Pilar   M Cafe   Big Bear Cafe    Mio    Il Pizzico    Black's    BlackSalt    Cesco    Bucks   Monte Carlo   Timpano   The Organic Butcher of McLean    Black Olive (Baltimore)    Prime Rib (Baltimore)    Comus Inn    Cork   Birch and Barley     Policy    Mendocino   Dean & Deluca Market     L'Academie de Cuisine   Chevy Chase Club    Members Club at Four Streams    Metropolitan Club 


Seafood Producers Cooperative member with a troll-caught wild king salmon from Southeast Alaska

Many believe wild Pacific salmon, halibut and sablefish (blackcod) are among the most delicious fish in the world.  They are certainly the most nutritious and healthy.  Our primary supplier of king salmon, ivory king salmon, coho salmon, halibut, sablefish, yelloweye rockfish and lingcod is the Seafood Producers CooperativeWith 500 members, it is the largest and oldest fishermen's cooperative in North America, and it is recognized as the industry leader in establishing standards for quality.

For details on our primary products, see the links to additional pages below.

Salmon steaks and fillets courtesy Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

(Salmon steaks and fillets - image courtesy Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute)


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Sablefish (Blackcod)

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"Farm-Raised" Salmon  =  "Farmed and Dangerous"


Jim Chambers                    

Prime Seafood's founder and owner, Jim Chambers, is a marine biologist with over 35 years of experience including 30 years as a federal government official involved in marine fisheries conservation and management, nationwide and internationally. 

If you are a serious fisherman, see his website devoted to Big Marine Fish.


Only from Sustainably Managed Fisheries

As conservationists, Prime Seafood will supply seafood only from sustainably managed, robust populations.  Unlike our competition, we do not trade in seafood being driven to extinction (such as "Chilean seabass," Atlantic bluefin tuna, orange roughy, marlin and mako sharks) or which contains unsafe levels of contaminants (most "farm-raised" salmon and shrimp imported from Asia).  Did you know that just one meal a month of the cheap, "farm-raised" salmon that is sold in many Washington area supermarkets and restaurants (often misleadingly labeled "organic") poses an "unacceptably high risk" of causing cancer?  This is the primary conclusion of recent scientific studies.  (For the details, see our "Farmed and Dangerous" section.)  If you want to help make a difference, let chefs and market managers know why you want wild not "farm-raised" salmon.  If you want to know which common seafood items to select in a restaurant or at the market and which to avoid (because their populations are too low or because they are dangerous to eat), you can find out by visiting the Environmental Defense website and by using the Seafood Guide developed by the Blue Ocean Institute, both of whose assessments we endorse. 


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